Shauntae Brown-Mondesir
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Who is Shauntae Brown-Mondesir?

Shauntae Brown-Mondesir is a 26-year-old social worker with a heart for teenage girls. She works as a Mental Health Program Coordinator at Behavioral Support Services, Inc. in Altamonte Springs, FL.

Just recently wed to her best friend on June 21, she is beaming with pride as the new Mrs. Mondeson Mondesir. She even rocked her natural coils on their wedding day.

Born in Jamaica and now married to a Haitian, she is happy that her family is now a blend of the tropics.

Her mother, who never finished high school, had always wanted her to take advantage of every educational opportunity. To honor her mother’s wish, Shauntae earned her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor Political Science and a Master's degree in Social Work. She is looking forward to making her mother even prouder by obtaining a Doctorate in Counseling.

She has enjoyed going on mission trips to Chicago, Seattle and Jamaica. For 10 years, she counseled girls at an annual camp - Camp Horizon - and also provided tutoring.

One day, she was challenged by two church leaders to think of an innovative way to keep the girls she counsels spiritually accountable. She created a Facebook group called Wonderfully Made and every week she would write a devotional for the girls. The intention was to provide them with a vignette and scripture reading to enhance their growth in Christ. Some girls started inviting others to the group and it has grown tremendously.

She continues to provide mentoring to girls that she counsels by hosting a prayer call at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday for them to be encouraged for the week. She hopes to publish a series of devotional books for teenage girls by 2016.

Growing up in the ghettos of Jamaica, Shauntae knows what it means not to have much. She grieves when she sees someone living life without life's essentials. When she sees someone in need, she says she prays right away, if they ask or not. Furthermore, If someone is in need of food, clothes or a bed, she helps. Her personal mission statement: “Inspire. Motivate. Advocate. Grow. Empower. The first letters of those words spell "image" and that's the kind of person I want to be seen as. I'm always inspiring, motivating, advocating, growing and empowering others.”

How long have you been natural?

Since my sophomore year in college.

Why did you decide to go natural?

I went natural again during my sophomore year of college because my hair was not growing as much as I expected when I relaxed it in high school. I did the big chop twice when I went natural again.

What is your fave styling product?

I started using Aloe Vera juice six month ago and it has done wonders with my hair since I did my second big chop last year.

What is your fave natural hairstyle?

Chinese Bumps aka Bantu Knots is my favorite style. When I take out the knots, my hair has a really curly form. This style usually last the entire week.

- Week of June 23, 2014

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