Leah Alexis
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Who is Leah Alexis?

Born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, Leah Alexis is a Haitian-American mother of one son and a student at Florida State University. Her faith journey has taken her into the study of Religion and Social Work as a double major. She has also been the leader of the drama department at her church. She plans to use her degrees to become a religious counselor, as well as finish her U.S. Army Reserves career as a Chaplain.

Fresh off of her third deployment, Leah has a local business venture in the works. She hopes to combine clothing, counseling, and music to re-integrate marginalized individuals back into society. She plans to partner with local non-profit organizations that are like minded in an effort to unify the communal segments of Tallahassee. Going by the name 'The Stylist,' Leah will begin her business venture by promoting her EP entitled Live Strong Die Free coming out this year. The EP will target her primary group of interest – youth - empowering them to give hope for the future.  

Her personal mission statement is the scripture for her life and ministry, which is Luke 10:19. She believes, as children of God, WE are the reigning kings and queens. We can move mountains and part seas if we only believe and go.

How long have you been natural?

Five years

Why did you decide to go natural?

During my second deployment to Iraq in 2009, I was going through a stage of self-exploration and discovery, and became quite interested in what my hair "really looked like," so I decided to do the "big chop."  

What is your fave styling product?

The products that I have used range from Carol's Daughter to Wen to local products from natural hair shops. I also experiment with my own concoctions, but I haven't quite settled on one particular product just yet.

What is your fave natural hairstyle?

This natural hair has been quite a journey indeed, and many styles have been birthed from curiosity, exploration, and creativity. I love the skin I'm in and seeing my actual natural hair has played a great part in that. I think my favorite style is the kinky fro and the "frohawk".

- Week of June 2, 2014

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