Khadijah Okoh
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Who is Khadijah Okoh?

Khadijah Okoh of Brooklyn, NY is a student at New York City College of Technology CUNY (City Tech) working toward a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Technology.

 She is a transitioner in more ways than one. With initial aspirations of becoming a cyber-security analyst for a government agency, she realized that she is far more interested in business marketing. Now, she’s on the road to becoming a digital marketer.

Last summer, she scored an internship with the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program, a program that takes a select group of technology students from City Tech and teams them up with startup companies within the geographical tech triangle in Brooklyn for real life career experience for nine weeks. She began working for a startup company in Dumbo, Brooklyn named LevelsPro. They created a gaming system for the retail world to help train and enforce company rules, policies and all that you need to know as an associate working in retail. She serves as a junior game analyst. Her work was exemplary, so the company converted her to part-time employee this fall.

“I check for bugs and find better ways to help improve the gaming system in the back end but more of the front end. I also create demos for different companies so they can test the system,” said Khadijah.

With a background in retail business, she was a perfect fit for the job. She also creates quiz games and match games for the system to help teach and give tips on how to navigate retail scenarios.

Khadijah is the oldest of her siblings with a set of twin brothers to play with. “We're tighter than the rugrats,”she says. Her mother is Jamaican and her father is Nigerian. She claims that her Caribbean and West African culture is strikingly similar but  also different in many ways.

Her love for community has cause her to get involved in BMI (Black Male Initiative) Program at her school. She serves as a mentor, helping students with their academic concerns, sharing personal experiences, and leading them to helpful faculty.

“I hated feeling alone when I first started college and most of the things I know now I had to figure out myself. So I try to be the middle man on making the college experience smoother if I can,” she said.

Her greatest hope is to make people around her happy, even if it's through a simple smile or hug, she said.

All in all, her motto is: “Do what you love and love what you do."

How long have you been natural?

I didn't officially go natural I'm still in the transitioning stage. And I decided try it out earlier this year. 

Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to at least try it out simply because I wanted healthy hair. They say the healthiest hair is natural. And after all the relaxing and coloring, I just wanted to give my hair a break. 

What is your fave styling product?

So far I love Miss Jessie's products, Organix products and just recently I decided to try Carol's Daughter. They all smell so good and they make my hair feel and look good. 

What is your fave natural hairstyle?

Well, ever since I cut my hair into a Mohawk about 2 years ago I haven't really gone back. I love getting haircuts (just the sides of my head are shaved). Everyone thinks it's so odd.  I've never been a fan of long hair so only every now and then when I get bored I'll have long braids/twist or sew in weaves. But they're all temporary styles so I keep them in for as long as I feel and go back to my short hair when I get tired of them. I never keep a style for too long, I love playing with styles and colors! 

- Week of Oct. 27, 2014

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