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Tiffani Knowles & Yannick Brackenridge-Jackson

About Us: We are the curly girls behind Black Natural Hairstyles, an aggregated, content-rich site dedicated to helping naturals style, treat and maintain their natural hair.

We’re also actually the co-owners of Brackenson and Knowles Enterprises, LLC, a company that produces multimedia content and lifestyle events and services for the urban millennial.

As two relatively new naturalistas, we found it difficult – to say the least - to find high-quality, clean, uncluttered, concise information about how to become a natural without searching for weeks through a whole bunch of blogs, vlogs, forums, black hair mags and sites. There must be an easier way, we said. And, alas, now there is!

Black Natural Hairstyles stems from our interest in styling our own hair. Between the pair of us, we’ve experimented with hundreds of styles in our relaxed days. We’re talking rod sets, straw curls, asymmetrical bobs, cornrows, you name it. But, once we emancipated ourselves from the creamy crack, we didn’t know WHAT to do with our kinky tresses.

We don’t know why we couldn’t remember what we did to style our hair as a tween or early teen? But, baby, those methods weren’t all that great to begin with. LOL. So, that’s when it hit us! Let’s find the info and help others so they don’t have to go through the same stress we did. That’s the message of ubutu, right? Helping our fellow sistren.

So, we enlisted the help of an expert natural hair blogger and stylist who assisted us in creating the glorious content you’re reading. And, VOILA!!! Here it is and here she is…

Rossette “Candie” Allen, Founder of Natural Hairnamix

She is a Jamaican native and Miami, Florida resident who works as both a natural hair consultant and youth minister. Although she still services clients with relaxed hair, she gears her blogs, vlogs and magazine columns toward naturals, transitioning naturals, aspiring naturals and the naturally curious.

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