Straightening Natural Hair

Should I Straighten my Natural Hair?

Is straightening natural hair a healthy practice? For many naturalistas, straightening is entirely OUT OF THE QUESTION! Why? One, there is a risk of losing one’s natural kinks and curls to the straightener. And two, straight hair is an act of conforming to European standards of beauty which many naturals have chosen to reject. The first reason is founded but the second reason can easily slip into the category of natural hair fanaticism.

Straight Hair Vs. Natural Hair Fanaticism

Wearing your hair with its natural kinks doesn’t necessarily make you a more "authentic” woman of color. A decision to switch your style up from curly to straight should never be a sign of weakness on this natural hair journey. In fact, it is one of the factors that makes naturalistas love their tresses even more. It is more versatile than other hair types in the world. There are hundreds of Black natural hairstyles that can be achieved with styling gels and twists and hundreds more than can be achieved by way of a roller and a blow dryer.

Even though the beauty of natural hair is in sporting the curls and kinks that grow out of your scalp, sometimes a naturalista wants to wear her natural hair straight for the purposes of a special occasion or to perform a length check. And, quite frankly, she should be given that liberty. As in many other things, moderation is key. The various techniques a natural can do to achieve that straight look include Keratin Straightener, a blow out, roller setting natural hair, or with straightening shampoo systems.

To preserve your hair’s optimum health, apply these straightening methods not more than 3-4 times per year.

My Hair is Blown Out but I'm a Natural, too!

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