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Selecting the right natural hair equipment and tools will make your life a LOT easier. No one likes making last-minute runs to the beauty supply store because they realized they needed two different types of rollers or flexi-rods to achieve the style they want for the weekend. Remember, natural hair care is a lifestyle and and so you've got to have all you need in your at-home naturalista kit to make this lifestyle an easier one. You may have a certain set of hair goals for this month, but boy can they be challenging if you don't own the proper natural hair equipment and tools to get them done. Trust us! You'll feel a lot more empowered once you own most, it not all, of the things on this list.

The following are items that every natural should have in their at-home

Products can be found at Walgreens, Walmart and Amazon. Here is a simple search tool to find and buy all other natural hair products. Even obscure ones!!!


Hooded Dryer

This tool may be a big purchase but it will save you lots of grief with your DIY game if you own one. Your deep conditioning and hot oil treatment game is on the move with a hooded dryer. Plus, you'll be able to create so many beautiful doos from rod sets to straw sets to coils. The possibilities are endless. Own one today!

Retail: US $40-$60


Conditioning Heat Cap

This cap should be used for hair treatments such as deep conditioning and hot oil moisture treatments. They are absolutely necessary for hair treatments that require heat to activate. The moist heat opens the cuticles of the hair shaft and allows the treatment to penetrate more than on cold, wet hair. Tip: Hot oil or deep conditioning treatments should be done once per month for best hair conditioning.

Retail: US $25-$40



The Curlformers Styling Kit is a great, new solution for transitioners to achieve a very defined, set curl pattern. It is all the rage from the UK to the US and it can work on all hair types, including black natural hair.The kit that you choose depends on the curly hair style that you wish to create. Just install their special roller with the styling hook and VOILA! Tip: For short hair of up to 8 inches long, buy the pack for Short Spiral Curls but for medium-length hair of up to 14 inches long, buy the Long Spiral Curlformers. Use 30-40 spirals for one head.

Retail: US $40-$85


Plastic Cap

The plastic shower cap plays a dual role for any naturalista in that it not only prevents the destruction of set hairdos in the shower but you will use one every time you deep condition. Wearing a plastic cap helps create heat that causes the conditioner to easily penetrate into the hair. You should have about a dozen in your naturalista kit to start because you'll go through them very quickly. Luckily, lots of times they come in multi-packs.

Retail: US $1-$2


Spray Bottle

Natural hair is always thirsty. It yearns for constant moisture. Finding a quick way to moisten your hair is key on this journey. Unlike, chemically processed hair, water is the best source of moisture for natural hair. You can make your own daily moisturizing spritz to meet your needs. An empty spray bottle makes things so much easier. Fill it with water and some of your favorite natural oils and you're good to go.

Retail US $2-$4


Wide Tooth Comb

The wide tooth comb is a preferred product for detangling natural hair. The wide spaces between the teeth allow you to detangle efficiently and remove shed hair without risking too much damage to your tresses.

Retail US $2.50 - $5


Denman Brush

You may want to grab any of these time-honored products for your brushing needs. If you need an awesome detangler or if you need a slick updo, the Denman is the best brush in the biz. Dubbed the hairdresser's brush, naturalistas love their Denman because it's all you need to get the knots out (top image) or to lay down your edges (bottom image).

Retail US $16-$20


Bobby Pins

Every bobby pin has a purpose depending on what style you are trying to achieve. As a naturalista, you want to ensure that you have an assortment in your at-home kit. Jumbo pins are for thick hair and updo hairstyles. Regular pins are for twists. Hair pins are for loose holds. Be sure that none are chipped because they will snag and damage your hair.

Retail US $2-$4


Satin Scarf/Cap

Every naturalista must wear a satin cap or scarf at night to protect her ends and edges from the rough, cotton fabric of most pillow cases and sheets. A satin scarf or bonnet keeps the hair protected and guarantees moisture deprivation. The exposure of your uncovered hair to damage caused by friction with most bedding fabric poses a threat to the health of your hair.

Retail US $2-$3


Satin Pillow Cases

These pillow cases are a soft, silky, smooth surface for a naturalista to lay her head. If you have long natural hair, you may decide to wear your hair in a high pineapple to preserve the curls you've formed in a twist out. This would mean not using a satin cap, but instead using a satin pillow case.

Retail US: $15-$30


Metal Duckbill Clips

These clips are used for a variety of things in a naturalista's life. One, they can be used to clip hair under a cap during deep conditioner. Two, they can be used for sectioning hair for styling or setting.

Retail US $1.50-$3


Salon Magnetic Rollers

These rollers are the go-to items for you to roller set natural hair.  Forget the sponge and velcro ones. They may snag your hair, causing damage. Once you roll a section of your hair, please use a metal duckbill clip to secure the roller.

Retail US $5 -$15


Butterfly Clips

These clips are great for long natural hair or very thick curly hair when you need to section hair off during deep conditioning or when preparing for a roller set.

Retail US $2.50-$4


Ouchless Elastic Bands

Ouchless elastic bands are fasteners that are both seamless and metal-free. They are hair bands that were invented not too long ago to gather hair without snagging strands. Naturals have very fragile, brittle and weak hair which must be handled with care. These are safe for ponytails, buns, etc.

Retail US $4-$5


Rattail Comb

This comb is ideal for parting hair and sectioning it off using the sharp end of the comb. It makes a clean, neat part for braided styles, as well.

Retail US $3-$4

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