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Every naturalista must settle on her favorite natural hair conditioner as part of a regular natural hair care regimen. You know, one that infuses moisture into those thirsty stands, one that gives you a good enough slip so you're not yanking out chunks of precious locks while detangling, one that can even serve as a substitute for a natural hair shampoo when you just want co-wash. Yes, and as much as you may not like it, that means trial and error! Why? You've got to get to know your own hair.

Different curl patterns and hair types need different degrees of moisture. Not only that, there are three levels of conditioning that your natural tresses should undergo to ensure maximum moisture: regular conditioning, deep conditioning and leave-in conditioning. With that being said, a little guidance goes a LONG way. So, here are 9 of our most highly recommended natural hair conditioners: 3 are regular conditioners, 3 are deep conditioners and 3 are leave-in conditioners. Now, get to reading and choosing!

Products can be found at Walgreens, Walmart and Amazon. Here is a simple search tool to find and buy all other natural hair products. Even obscure ones!!!

Regular Conditioners


Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner

This is a great over-the-counter conditioner choice because it may just be listed as just an ordinary conditioner but it is actually a multi-purpose one. It can be used for pre-pooing, detangling and co-washing. It is rich and creamy and provides great slip for 4b and 4c natural hair. While it may be the least expensive product you'll buy for your natural hair care regimen, the quality of the product is outstanding.

Tip: Add some of your favorite natural oils to this conditioner and it can easily turn into a perfect deep conditioner.

Retail: US $3.50-$5

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner

This conditioner gives your hair a deep dousing of lush hydration with moisturizers and a fusion of Hawaiian coconut and orchid. It will give you manageable, silky, smooth hair.

Retail: US $5-$6


Aussie Moist Condiitoner

When your hair cries out for softness and you've been having a hard time detangling, this is the best conditioner for you. It has great slip.

Because one of its main ingredients is jojoba oil, it replenishes moisture, leaving you with a  softer, silkier  texture.

Retail: US $4-$6


Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner

This conditioner doubles as a rinse-out conditioner and a leave-in conditioner. It specializes in repairing dry, damaged or over-processed hair. Its ingredients include organic Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Sea Kelp.

Tip: This is a perfect natural hair conditioner for transitioning chemically treated hair to healthy natural hair because its nutrients help repair the damage done by relaxed or heat-trained ends.

Retail: US $10 -$12

Deep Conditioners

Eden Body Works Jojoba Manoi Deep Conditioner

Eden Body Works All Natural Deep Conditioner is designed to replenish damaged, dry and overprocessed hair. Its special formula blend of coconut, jojoba and monoi balances your hair's moisture level. It has great slip and provides instant relief to dry, brittle, thirsty hair. It smells divine.

Tip: It works with all textures and hair types. This natural hair conditioner is excellent for protein-sensitive hair because it does not contain any protein as an ingredient. After shampooing, apply this conditioner and put on a plastic cap then a towel cup to generate heat. Leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse with cool water. 

US $9.47 - $11


Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

This all-natural intensive treatment masque deeply moisturizes and repairs dry, damaged or over-processed hair. The special blend of organic Shea Butter, Argan Oil and mineral-rich Sea Kelp seals and smoothes hair cuticles, restores shine and elasticity, and conditions scalp.

Tip: Good for transitioning hair. For additional nutrients and moisture, add a few ounces of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the masque. Section freshly washed hair then apply generously. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly from root to ends. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For deep penetrating treatment, cover hair with a plastic cap and apply moderate heat for up to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. When using a hair steamer, there is no need to cover hair. Moist heat will add to the masque's hydration.

US $10 - $12


Mizani True Textures for Natural Curls Curl Replenish

This is an ultra-rich, deep penetrating treatment that quickly absorbs into the hair. It has a great aroma and is perfect for dry, brittle hair, enhancing shine, manageability and curl elasticity.

Tip: You may use this as an express natural hair conditioner or as a weekly intense conditioning treatment by putting a plastic cap over your hair. Sit under a hooded dryer or heated cap for up to 30 minutes. The warmer your hair is kept, the deeper the penetration into the hair, and the more effective the conditioning treatment will be. Rinse with cool water. Results should be very soft, manageable hair.

US $12-$20

Leave-In Conditioners


Giovanni Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner

After hair is shampooed and conditioned, apply this leave in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized all day. It is very thick and creamy and very easily absorbed with no overpowering scent. This conditioner builds body and detangles your hair for easy styling.

US $8 - $20


Kinky-Curly Knot Today Natural Leave-In/Detangler

This is a creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to remove knots, matted clumps and tangles from thick curly textured hair. After washing hair, apply generously and work through troubled areas with a wide tooth comb to detangle.

Tip: This product can actually be used as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker, curlier hair types. This is also a great product to use after first removing braids or extensions.

Retail US $11 - $13


Paul Mitchell Original "The Conditioner"

This is one of the greatest Paul Mitchell hair products there ever was. The Hawaiian awapuhi ingredient and the fact that it's wheat-derived helps balance moisture. Cool thing is that it also moisturizes skin, too.

Tip: Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair, then comb through evenly. This is a great product to roller set natural hair.

Retail US $12-$16

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