Best Hairstyles for Long Natural Hair

Many hold the misconception that Black natural hair cannot ever be long natural hair. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Long natural hair is very possible. Hair of all types and textures grows at an average rate of a half an inch each month. Factors such as genetics, hormones and diet can affect your hair growth rate. Still, there is no single, general principle that indicates that Black natural hair cannot grow very long.

What's the Truth about Natural Hair Growth?

The truth is that Black hair - in its natural state - is prone to shrinkage as it is usually very tightly curled. The tendency of this hair type to curl up may be what has led to this very popular belief. Those with a looser curl pattern (say a 2a natural hair type) may see less shrinkage than a tighter curl pattern (say a 4c natural hair type).

While there is hair growth, it is sometimes not as visible due to the excessive shrinkage. You may think that chemically-processed hair grows faster than natural hair, but this is not the case. The true length of your natural hair, however, is best determined if it is straightened or blown out.

What's Keeping me From Growing Long Natural Hair?

If your natural hair suffers frequent damage because of moisture deprivation, resulting in dryness and brittleness, it will inevitably lead to breakage or split ends. The more damage your hair experiences, the more likely it will be that you have to trim your hair. What does that mean? Short natural hair as opposed to long natural hair.

Here’s a little caveat. Unless you are experiencing a medical condition that causes hair loss, it is a given that your hair will grow. Still, you must do your part in taking all the necessary precautions to keep your hair at its optimal health and length. Here are a few celebrities boasting medium to long natural hair.

Black Celebrities with Long Natural Hair

Janelle Monae, Soul Singer
Long Natural Hairstyle: Vintage Pompadour/Rock-A-Billy Bun

Bre Scullark, Model
Long Natural Hairstyle: Twist Out

Ledisi, R&B Singer
Long Natural Hairstyle: Curly Multi-Colored Dreadlocks

Yaya DaCosta, Model and Actress (The Butler)
Long Natural Hairstyle: Wash-n-Go

T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, Actress (That's So Raven)
Long Natural Hairstyle: Bantu Knot Out

Tracee Ellis Ross, Actress (Girlfriends)
Long Natural Hairstyle: Wash-n-Go

Raven Symone, Actress (That's So Raven)
Long Natural Hairstyle: Gelled and Pinned Wash-n-Go

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