Kristin Frazer
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Who is Kristin Frazer?

Kristin Frazer, 30, is the founder and lead designer of Trefle, a female swimwear and resort wear company in the British Virgin Islands( She is also the Manager/Buyer of a family-owned and operated shoe store called Clover’s.

A British Overseas Territory Citizen, Kristin’s culture is infused with a strong heritage of music, passion and an overall sense of love one for the other.

Her mother and grandmother taught her how to sew. From a tender age, she was skilled in sewing, draping, pattern-making and designing her own clothes. It slowly grew into a passion, so she decided to follow through with her dreams by attending college for fashion in Tampa, Fl. Upon completing her studies, she moved back home to Tortola, British Virgin Islands to launch her company.

After launching her company in 2008, she was successfully able to launch her online shopping boutique that would give everyone in the world an opportunity to purchase a Trefle piece. She received distribution of her swimwear lines in Peter Island Resort, Bitter End Yacht Club Resort, Biras Creek Resort, Scrub Islands Resort and Milk n Honey in Islamorada, Florida Keys. That same year, she received the  Award of Excellence in Fashion Innovation from an organization called Karib Nation Inc. One of her designs was featured at the White House in Washington, DC.

Coming from a large, tight-knit family, Kristin teamed up with her three cousins to launch Sageroots, a natural hair and skin care company 2012. She, Lenette Lewis,  Kristol and Pamela Penn cater to all hair types; they also offer handmade hair accessories.

Kristin refers to herself as an ambassador for the BVI. Trefle has donated clothing to many pageants, clients and businesses. She is also heavily involved within her church as Youth Leader, Choir Director, Usher, Bus Driver, just to name a few. She also teaches people how to sew and help them to build on their creativity.

She believes that “God won’t give you more than you can bear” and claims to live by that scripture as it drives her to “keep pushing, keep encouraging others, keep fighting, keep believing, and to pull others with you along the way,” she said.

How long have you been natural?

This is a question that I love to answer because it’s simple. I’ve ALWAYS been natural and have never put a perm or any other chemical in my hair. Sometimes it can be difficult to give your hair the time, treatment and love that it deserves but I have been natural since birth and I accept my true beauty in its entirety. 

Why did you decide to go natural?

I LOVE me!

What is your fave styling product?

I LOVE my home grown Sageroots product called “Virgin Butter Blend." It’s just a light whipped butter that has a variety of oils and butters that make my hair unbelievably soft and is a great twisting butter for me. It also acts as a great sealant.

What is your fave natural hairstyle?

I have this ONE look that I certainly wear a lot. It’s an up-do that is also formed from a twist-out that hangs over my forehead. It is pinned up with most of the twists curled out and I love that style because it highlights my high cheek bones and it shows the natural beauty of me in a good way (hair, face, wardrobe, skin, etc).

- Week of September 22, 2014

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