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The frohawk hairstyle was made popular exclusively within the short natural hair community.  A "frohawk" hairstyle is a variation of the Mohawk hairstyles that does not require the sides of the head to be shaved. It does require that there be a large strip of hair gathered in the middle to almost resemble several mohawk hairstyles.  Some naturals will achieve this look by applying twists to the sides of the head, cornrowing the sides of the head, or just pinning up the sides.

If you have short, natural hair, it is tempting to make this a go-to style for casual days or dress-up occasions. Be careful not to wear it too often, however, because the stretching the sides of the hair place tension on the roots. This can often times result in hair loss.

Here are some great examples of Frohawk hairstyles.

Frohawk with Cornrowed 4c Natural Hair

Model:MaameYaa Boafo | Photographer: Hannan Saleh|BHF Magazine

Modified one-sided Frohawk with Cornrowed Hair

Model: Shasel Barnaby | Photographer: Ezra Bryan

Twist Out with Pinned Sides

Flat Twisted Sides with Roller Set natural Hair

Big Flat Twists With Curl Former Frohawk

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