Best Hairstyles for Dreadlocks

The dreadlocks hairstyle is one of the most popular ways afro-textured people wear their natural hair with pride. In the last decade, dreadlocks have lost a great deal of their association with the religion of Rastafarianism and have become associated with the natural hair movement.

Dreads can be very convenient and easy to wear. They are extremely low maintenance and grow at a far more rapid rate than hair that is not locked. The fact that the strands are locked together allows for little to no breakage, creating the ideal platform for retaining length.

A word of caution: styling locks in tight ponytails or pinups on a regular basis can create tension on the scalp and can be potentially damaging to the hair follicles. This can contribute to hair loss or a condition called Traction Alopecia. This is more likely to happen in cases where the hair is very long and heavy.

At a natural hair salon in your area, there are expert "locticians" on hand to style your locks in the most elaborate of ways.

In any event, here are some gorgeous ways you can wear your hair in dreadlocks.

Two-Bun Style (High Ninja Bun & Back Flat Bun)

Two-Tone Dreadlocks (Frosted/Highlighted Tips)

Twisted Dreadlocks Updo

Model: Clara Johnson | Photographer: Ezra Bryan

Mohawk Style

Alternative to Dreadlocks:
New Hairstyle of the Century - Sisterlocks


Sisterlocks is a trademarked method of locking established in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. Trained Sisterlocks specialists use a special tool to form natural hair into very small, uniform locks. This method can be compared to crotcheting hair. Instead of using extensions like in the crochet method, this method uses only your own hair. New York Sisterlocks trainer and specialist Kelli Brown-Daniels claims that extensions may have a negative impact on your natural hair growth. "It adds weight which can become cumbersome to the scalp and the hair follicle, leaving your hair susceptible to damage, thinning, and even hair loss," says Brown-Daniels. She also rejects the use of waxes or gels during the sister locking process.

Sisterlocks are installed with a very precise parting grid, resulting in full hair that from a distance can be mistaken for loose unlocked hair. This affords every naturalista with a plethora of styling options. After several hours over the course of two days at your favorite natural hair salon, you can expect an average of very thin 350-450 locks. But, you'll be more than pleased with the results!

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