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Bohemian hairstyles are characteristic of the modern Bohemian or Boho movement that derives from a movement of "gypsies," or Romani people who lived in the historical country of Bohemia where people led transient, simple lives, sometimes in voluntary poverty. They were socially unconventional people who were most times involved in the arts. Several cities and neighborhoods came to be associated with bohemianism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries like Zizkov in Prague, Bohemia, Greenwich Village, New York City and Key West, Florida,

As the word Bohemian brings to mind an image of a carefree artist, one who marches to the beat of a different drummer or engages unconventional practices, a Bohemian hairstyle can truly reflect this spirit. They aren't perfect coifs or slicked back buns. They aren’t high-fashion ponytails or asymmetrical bobs.  

Keeping with the spirit of the bohemian, those with medium to long natural hair will find it easier to achieve these looks because the “true Bohemian” would never regularly cut or shave their hair. Their look was a bit more unkept, fluid and lived in.

This style celebrates simple flowers, scarves, head ties, messy buns and long, loose curls of hair that would be the perfect look at an open mic, beach party, poetry reading or protest. Bohemian hairstyles are wonderful because they are easy to create on any day of the week and give you that casual, sexy look.

Multi-Headband Look

Milkmaid Twists

Rock Flowers as Natural Hair Accessories

The Ultimate Bohemian Hairstyle: Rock a Scarf

By way of natural hair accessories, scarves are both a fierce and fun way to execute the Bohemian hairstyle. What better way for you to re-create a fun, carefree natural hairstyle than with a head tie of sorts. You can use it to pop the colors in your outfit or makeup. It is oh-so reminiscent of that India Arie or Jill Scott bohemian look. Just loving life and caring less how your entire head of hair falls. And the added perk is that your scarf can serve to hide an old twist out or an outright bad hair day. Here are some great ways to rock your scarf: the pirate tie, the bun in the front tie, the spilling twist out with center scarf tie, and the bowtie to the side.

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