The Big Chop

“The Big Chop” is naturalista lingo for the act of cutting off all of your chemically processed hair, leaving only your natural hair. This most times leaves you with 1-2 inches of hair.

This process is normally very frightening for those who have lived most of their lives with relaxed or chemically texturized hair. Not only that, if you’ve never sported what many call boy-short hair before, it can throw you into a serious identity crisis. Consequently, this decision often comes with much vacillation and reluctance. Seriously, it’s dramatic to go from the “ease” of silky, untangled, straight ends and roots to the curly or coily roots and ends that come with a natural mane. Still, once you have mustered the courage to go natural, the Big Chop is normally the simplest way to start the process.

Azania, Soul Singer
Rocking a Big Chop

Immediately following your Big Chop, you may feel a rush of emotions ranging from separation anxiety to regret to identity confusion and, then finally liberation. It is quite normal to experience mixed emotions. You will be faced with the inevitable question: "I just big chopped, now what?"

Know this. The Big Chop is the best way to grow accustomed to your new texture. One common mistake that new naturals make is that they expect their natural hair to do the same things that their processed hair did. Short natural hair gives you an easy start to grapple with a whole new hair care regimen.

Your new hair texture will require different products, maintenance regimens and styling techniques.

Natural hair is curly, wavy or kinky in texture while relaxed hair is typically straight. While moisture is required in both cases, the methods used to introduce moisture may be very different. Natural hair, for example, loves water and applying water to it can be very beneficial.

Here are some great examples of black natural hairstyles for your Big Chop phase.

Black Natural Hairstyles for Big Chop Phase

Party with a Part in Your Hair

Once you’ve big chopped, you can always jazz up your look with a funky side part. It may push the androgynous button a bit, considering your low cut, but you can pull it off. To create your part, all you do is take a rattail comb to create the part, just as you would in relaxed hair. Then, use a paddle brush to slick hair down in opposing directions.

Up Your Chunky Jewelry

Chunky accessories like big earrings or busy necklaces are perfect when you don’t have hair to confuse the eye. From hanging chandeliers and oversized hoops to knotted necklaces and thick chokers, know that chunky accessories will add to your look now more than ever.

Try a Pronounced Neckline

Without hair hanging around your shoulders and neck, now is a perfect opportunity to wear more daring necklines. These necklines are normally the ones you wear with updos in order to show off the beauty  of their design. The absence of hair gives you more sophistication and helps you to own the dress you’re wearing. V-necklines are perfect. Cowl and scoop necklines are great alternatives, too.

Rock Natural Hair Accessories

Sparkly headbands, bejeweled barrettes or gold hair clips are preferred among ladies with short cuts. They are the cutest ways to spruce up your new doo for a special occasion.

Add Natural Hair Dye

If you really want to make a statement before you leave your natural hair salon, ask them to give you a bold, daring color with natural hair dye. How about platinum blonde or sweet auburn? Not only that, your friends will adjust quicker to your big chop because your radical color will throw them off.

Bear Bold Lips

The important thing about your face is that your big chop will call attention to it. Ensure that your face is on point. That means your foundation, your eyes, your cheeks should all be polished. Remember, you have no hair to hide your facial structure. Additionally, you don’t have to shy away from bold lips. Hot pink, bright red, or purple are all shades that will pop your new look.

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