So What's Your Favorite of All
Black Natural Hairstyles?

There is a whole gamut of Black Natural Hairstyles to explore, ranging from short to long to locked to curled. So, what's your fancy?

The World's Most Versatile Hair: Discover New Black Natural Hairstyles

From asymmetrical styles and spiral curls to flat twists and goddess braids, Black hair can be styled in so many different ways with little to medium effort. While for decades, Black women were socialized to view their hair as unmanageable or unattractive, the truth is one can achieve a great variety of Black natural hairstyles.

Why is Black hair versatile? Black hair has a flat shaft, making it far easier to manipulate than straight hair which has a round shaft and is therefore softer and much less pliable. Indeed, Black hair is the most versatile hair type on the globe.

Black Hair has a Flat shaft that's SUPER EASY to Manipulate! So, your STYLING POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS!

We know that as BLACK WOMEN WE LOVE OUR HAIR. We take pride in it. We compliment each other on it. We share secrets about it. We even start our own businesses around it.  However, for the most part, it has not been our natural kinks that we have been in love with.


But...Can Black Natural Hair be Good Hair?

In 2009, Black comedian Chris Rock produced a documentary detailing Black women’s obsession with hair. It was called Good Hair. What he found out was alarming, to say the least. With Black women frequenting hair salons and beauty supply stores several times per month, the Black hair industry is one of the most lucrative ethnic-specific industries in the world. Many of the Black women who visit these salons, however, do so to upkeep chemically-relaxed hair.

But is that the only option to achieve a beautiful doo? Or can the Black woman style the hair that grows out of her head without continually adding chemicals to it for the purposes of manageability, comfort and acceptance? And the answer is a resounding YES!

The Natural Hair Movement: From Relaxers to Curl Creams

Since the world’s overall interest in going green took off about a decade ago, Black natural hair care and styling became the newest craze to follow suit.

This shift away from relaxers and toward a natural head of hair has prompted Black women to investigate the latest trends in Black natural hairstyles using a variety of natural hair products like conditioners, curl creams and oils. These trends have changed the way women wear their hair in the bedroom and the boardroom.

While big business has sought to exploit this burgeoning movement by creating products to pull new customers in the natural hair segment, as naturalistas we share our own new method of marketing that relies very little on “the man.”

Who Is A Naturalista?

noun \ˌna-chur-ˈuh-lee-stuh\

: a woman who celebrates wearing her hair in its natural state of curls, coils or kinks

  • We are our own “kitchen hair chemists,” boasting DIY (do-it-yourself) hair recipes and styling tutorials online.
  • We’ve said “goodbye” to our bi-weekly hair stylist appointments and “hello” to weekday “wash-n-gos” or "twist outs" and special occasion natural hair salon dates.
  • We’ve embraced new activities like swimming, snorkeling and hot yoga, no longer worrying about ruining our relaxed tresses.
  • We’ve begun buying natural hair products online because often times the products we want haven’t yet hit the shelves or are just too pricey at the drugstore.
  • We’ve become the locked, textured, kinky, or curly-haired beauty the modern Black woman aspires to be.

So, in the spirit of the independent-DIY-freed from chemical slavery woman, peruse our site for helpful tips on how to style, care and treat natural hair of all lengths, types and curl patterns.

Happy headhunting for hot, new black natural hairstyles!


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